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Address: 7070 Knights court, Suite 1503, Missouri City, TX,77459

Phone: 713-324-8884

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About Mobee Medical Associates

Do you live in Lawa Colony, Texas? Discover a top notch primary care clinic in Lawa Colony, Texas right here at Mobee Medical Associates. Our team has the best healthcare professionals. We are a family-owned practice. Our primary care doctor in Lawa Colony, Texas will meet your healthcare goals, evidence-based medicine, in a personalized approach.

Meet Our Experienced Primary Care Physicians

  1. Oyinade Odia, MD
  2. Patrick Odia, MD

Patient-Centered Care Philosophy

Let Mobee Medical Associates be the primary care physician in Lawa Colony, Texas that centers you. Healthcare on your terms. We emphasized developing solid doctor-patient ties.

Embracing Advanced Medical Technology

The Mobee Medical Associates team will use the latest medical technologies and diagnostic tools.

Conveniently Helping You with Your Every Healthcare Needs

In the heart of Lawa Colony, Texas, Mobee Medical Associates seeks to ensure that the residents looking for quality primary care have no difficulty.

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